The one day Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Highlander tournament. Because pew pew that's why.

tRR Admins

Tournament Manager: Khaleesi


Hi I’m Khaleesi, general boss lady around these parts. I help bring these wonderful people together to create this tournament for the TF2 community. It’s been six seasons and while there have been times I want to give up, I clearly haven’t because through all the stress and drama, I enjoy it. I don’t have a team for this season, but I’m still trying to be as active as I can in the community. I’m also a UGC European Admin, I really love organising things.

I’m really looking forward to tRR7 as everyone is working super hard to make it the most fun tournament yet!


EU Head Admin: Slacker


My name is Slacker and I am entrusted with the
position of Head admin EU.  As my nickname suggest I’m one lazy guy. This is a good thing because instead of studying I discovered Team Fortress 2 (well, good for you guys at least :D ). I am active in the competitive side of TF2 as a scout for a newly formed team by the name of Raw Deal and have previously been in the fabulous and awesome team that (sadly) was the JollyRanchers.

Next to spending a lot of time on TF2 I enjoy other games like Starcraft 2, Company of Heroes, League of Legends and (many) others.


NA Head Admin: ElenaMorning


I play heavy at the Silver or Gold level in NA UGC.  When I’m not doing that or playing MvM, I’m running #tf2.mix.nahl, adminning the Trashed Gamers public servers, or helping out with other casual highlander tournaments, such as the communities v communities tournament.  I’m somewhat experienced at running servers by now – I own four – so feel free to contact me if for any reason FemmeFatale, our technical support coordinator, is unavailable.
Outside of TF2, I’m a grad student – I’m actually currently TAing this semester, which is oddly relevant experience for adminning mix.  I’m always willing to provide nonsequitors on the topic of math or disease, but if you want tutoring, I charge 20 ref an hour these days.

CSaur – Community Liasion

Hey everyone, I’m CSaur (That’s See-Saw), and I’m in charge of stalking casters getting those matches casted and out onto the world wide web. I work with SalTV/Fatmop and KipTV to bring you the fully casted finals, as well as the ‘special’ matches such as the all girls showmatch.

If we host any games on your server, then make sure to grab those SourceTV demos, and send them over to me at CSaurTF2[at] gmail [dot] com, or contact me through Steam.


EU Mentoring Manager: Steve

I’m Steve, organiser and shirker of duties supreme for the past two seasons of the Round Robin. I’m pretty much okay at a lot of things, but not great, such as playing tf2, sex, and being modest. I have, like, 250 whole internet friends. I also feel like squidward is a suitable analog for the smugness of my voice.
I mostly defer my duties to khaleesi because of unexplained absences but apparently she still keeps me around  run the mentoring half of the round robin. Luckily, for this season I have two minions to do my duties for me help keep the mentoring running smoothly, and to make sure I do my job. I also administrate the Ready Steady Pan tournament (season 2), with no official job description aside from “doing things that need doing”.
I’m not on a team at the moment, but I still like to keep up with current drama within competitive, because it’s always exciting hearing about who said what about who’s mother.

EU Mentoring Admin: Atze


Hello everyone, I’m Atzebumm, started playing competetive as a part of Team Équipe in the Round Robin 5 Mentoring Tournament, now I’m here to help out with the RR7 Mentoring Tournament.

If you have any questions, problems, troubles or something else you wanna talk about (hopefully related to the Mentoring Tournament), feel free to contact me on Steam.


EU Mentoring Admin: MB


Hi all, I’m MB and I’ve now played in, what, 3 round robins? Boy, time flies! Anyway, I started playing competitive tf2 for real in the first mentoring tournament from tRR5 and our victorious team is still going strong. Now I’m here to help out with the mentoring tournament myself and to make sure it’s a great and fun experience for everyone involved, as it should be. If you ever need me for any help or if you have questions, I’m most likely to respond through Steam. I’m also most of the time available for a nice chat as well, in case you’re ever looking for one of those :)


EU Team Tournament Co-Ordinator: Quell


Hey there, I’m quell. I main pyro for team Sookie Doin Work in UGC/ETF2L. When I’m not busy spychecking on the internet, I’m just another average twentysomething college student! If you have any questions regarding anything, don’t hesitate to ask.


NA Manager: Alpha


I’m Alpha and I am helping with the mentoring tournament for NA. I help run a UGC highlander team called sPIro (I didn’t choose the name). This season, I am looking forward to helping setting up RR and (hopefully) getting a bunch of new people into comp tf2 through the mentoring tournament. I’m also wanting to meet a bunch of new people in general!


NA Scheduler: Giildy


I currently play Heavy for the UGC Silver team Why So Serious, and I’ve had some experience in steel as medic for the same team. There were a couple of community MGE tournaments in Skial that I organized. I’ve played a variety of classes in other tournaments and generally speaking I take a fairly active role in any team that I’m in, ranging from getting tons of scrims for my round robin team when my leader was too busy to saving the day for the Ponyfortress folk when they were a server and a heavy short for their tournament. Having said that, if you find that you need help finding scrims, your server is mysteriously broken or maybe you need to borrow a server to scrim on I’m someone you can talk to.
In real life I also organize things, get people booked and advertise for interest. I do play games that aren’t TF2 like Borderlands 2, Minecraft, Fallout: New Vegas and Torchlight 2 but I always come back to tf2. Specifically 32 man fast respawn Turbine. Yeah. I know. I have a problem.

NA Technical Support - Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale

I am a career Pyro main (with some Engie) at the Steel/Silver level of UGC.  I spend a lot of time on the pug channels #tf2.pug.nahl and #tf2.mix.nahl, where I am an admin alongside ElenaMorning and other illustrious people.  I have experience running the server for my former team Death Before Dishonor and fixing problems with the #tf2.mix.nahl servers.  Contact me with any issues, questions, concerns, or offers of pie.

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