The one day Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Highlander tournament. Because pew pew that's why.
February 15th
10:17 PM BST

North America, you’re so enthusiastic!

Annnnnnddd after only four days of mentoring signups we’ve had a massive response from North American players. So much so that we’ve had to suspend mentoring signups for North America till further notice to give the admins a chance to sort through the current applications.

We’re so glad that you guys are as excited as us for Season 7 and we promise you that we’re working ultra hard to make sure it is the best season yet! 

North American players who applied before the cut off point should have received  an email by now explaining the next stage. Those of you who haven’t sit tight! The sorting process has just begun, everyone who signed up will receive an email explaining their status in the tournament.

For all you EU players, signups are still open for another week and a half!

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