The one day Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Highlander tournament. Because pew pew that's why.
December 4th
11:53 PM BST

RRR6 Updated map changes.



First of all, the big change, no koth_winterridge!

I know a lot of people have been complaining about it and we were at a loss of what to do with the gap it would leave till we found pl_badwater_snowy. We have no idea who the map creator is, but if you find him or her, please point them our way because we’d love to thank them for being awesome! 

EU leaders have overwhelmingly requested for the pro versions of viaduct and barnblitz and we’ve been more than happy to oblige. But beyond that, not a lot has changed and we’re still keeping with the theme of snowy murder :)

Team Leaders, please keep checking the discussions in the Steam Groups and adding to them. Information on how the tournament will be run on the day will be sent out to you shortly. 

Winter is coming,



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