The one day Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Highlander tournament. Because pew pew that's why.
November 21st
1:10 AM BST

The future of tRR.

Hey all!

It’s been a while since we’ve hosted a season of tRR. As much as we love the community, a lot of the admins have moved on to other things, and priorities have changed. It doesn’t mean we love this game or you guys any less, we’ve just not had a lot of time to put together something like this. If we’re going to do another season, we’re going to do it right.

So right now we have a few people who are interested in helping us jumpstart tRR, and we’re putting out feelers to see if people are still interested in participating in more seasons.

The Admin page isn’t 100% accurate anymore and we’re currently working on revamping that. So you might get people who aren’t on that list (ryaneus) inquiring about tRR participation. Our admins will never ask you to give your personal information, or to give items, metal or money in exchange for anything. 

Hopefully you’re all doing well, and enjoying the season~

May the frags always be in your favour,


tRR Head Admin

October 20th
9:36 PM BST

The Round Robin Halloween Special TEAM Tournament


Looking for for something festive to do with your team this coming weekend?  Come play in the Round Robin Halloween Special Highlander Tournament!  Signups are open here.

We are a casual, one day tournament taking place next Sunday, October 27th, starting around 3 PM EST.  A variety of maps, both festive and competitive, will be played.  While no prize will be given to the winner, the team with the most festive spirit will win 9 keys! (Festive spirit is evidenced by spooky loadouts and themed names).

Hurry, signups close on October 25th, so that teams can find out their schedule on October 26th.

September 26th
8:25 PM BST

The Round Robin Halloween Special MENTORING tournament

Are you looking to get started with highlander but have no idea how to do it?  Want to spend this Halloween season playing fun maps, both festive and competitive, with new friends with similar interests?  Sign up for the Round Robin mentoring tournament!  (Signups are live here).

The mentoring tournament is designed to get players involved with highlander by matching them into teams with other similarly interested individuals, and then matching those teams with mentors devoted to helping them learn the basics.  After a full month of team mentoring and practice, these teams will compete against each other in a one day blowout tournament on November 3rd.

The less experience you have with the format, the better!  If you’re nervous or shy, convince your friends to sign up with you and tell us on the registration sheet that you’d like to be on a team together - we’ll do our best to make it happen.

7:30 PM BST

The Round Robin Halloween Special

This Halloween we will have a special edition of the Round Robin, exclusively for North American players.

For experienced players, there will be a casual team tournament, taking place on October 27th.  Get together with your teammates and come out for some casual highlander fun, where you can enjoy spooky maps together and maybe die to a pumpkin or two.  Unlike past round robins, we’ll have a small prize (9 keys) for the team with the most team spirit and festive loadouts, so get excited!  Signups open on October 3rd, when the maplist will be announced, so you have plenty of time to talk it over with your team.

For newer players, we’ll have a mentoring tournament!  Here, you can sign up as an individual, indicating the class you’d like to play.  From there, we’ll match you into teams with mentors, and eventually (on November 3rd, in fact), you’ll play in a one day tournament against other similarly formed teams to show off your new skills to your friends and followers.  Signups for this will open later today, September 26th, so stay tuned!

September 2nd
11:24 PM BST

tRR8 is happening!

We will release more information soon but right now we’re looking for mentors! 

As a mentor, you should expect to spend several hours every week working with your mentees. Their competitive knowledge will be minimal, and they will probably have no competitive experience (some of them may have played a few lobbies). This process will be challenging, but hopefully rewarding - last time we did this (in March), it resulted in the creation of 2 new highlander teams!

If you think you have what it takes please contact:

Elena if you’re in North America &

CSaur if you’re in Europe.

June 1st
2:17 PM BST

The Round Robin: North American division soared through Season 7 with enthusiasm, finishing successfully with record participation.

The Mentoring Tournament was in many ways the most exciting.  Expecting a lackluster amount of participation, we advertised it on several pub community forums, as well as on /r/truetf2.  Instead of the piddling interest we expected, we had a record number of signups, breaking 100 within days of signups opening.  After an extensive interview process, mentees were matched into 5 teams - Mechanical Lions, Iron Giants, The Hazy Crew, We 3^2 Kings (later renamed to MINH damage) and Attack of the Retreating Invisible Cows.  Teams had a month to practice with their mentors before their round robin tournament on the 7th.  The tournament was exciting, with tournament favorites The Hazy Crew suffering surprising defeats during their first two rounds, tying for second in the round robin portion of the second with Mechanical Lions, before beating them in a lightning round to win the spot opposing Iron Giants in finals.

Finals took place as a best of 3 on pl_upward, with Iron Giants coming out victorious.  Not to go unmentioned, Attack of the Retreating Invisible Cows put in a solid performance, being one of only two teams to beat Mechanical Lions during the round robin portion (the tournament winners, Iron Giants, being the other team).  MINH Damage, formerly We 3^2 Kings, win the spirit award hands down, overcoming issues with mentor availability and sticking together to form a UGC team despite only winning one round during the tournament itself.
Important to mention is that every round was live cast, through the combined casting powers of KipHildreth and the Entire State of New Jersey.  VODs may still be up on their respective streams.  Logs are up and can be found here, with stv’s still being compiled into a common repository.
The Team Tournament happened the following week, on April 14th.  Altogether, we had twelve teams participate, forming two groups of 6 teams.  Matches began at 2 PM EST and went throughout the day.  The first group wrapped up with Tyro Raid going undefeated, sPIro (with help from Misfit Mercenaries and Why So Serious) going 4-1, Refugee Campers pulling a surprising 3 wins, Bind S to Explode earning a well-fought 2 wins, Re’Defined scraping one out and Kablammy forfeiting early and going home empty :(.  The second group had a similar ranking, with Team Willy going undefeated, It Burns When I PvP pulling out 4 wins, ChillZone coming in third with 3 well fought wins, Egyptian-Zodiac pulling off 2 quite nice wins, Ass 2 Mouth pulling off a surprising (and incredible) one win, and Totally Rainbow also forfeiting early to go home with 0 wins.
Tournament favorites Tyro Raid looked like they might have met their match in Team Willy when they lost the first map of finals, koth_ashville_rc1.  However, they still managed to pull out the win when they beat Willy on both cp_foundry and pl_retawdab in an extensive 3-map final match.
Ass 2 Mouth yet again take home the spirit award, providing highly entertaining games for all of their opponents and keeping everyone upbeat and cheerful with their drunken shenanigans (we can only hope they did eventually find their friend).
No matches were able to be livecast, due to scheduling difficulties with casters, stvs and logs are being actively compiled from hosting teams and will be made available to casters in the hope of giving some of these teams the attention they deserve for their spirited participation.
May 7th
10:44 AM BST


Another Commission for Hagabao c:

Top  - Cygnus, Hagabao, Phaze, Argo
Bottom - Jump4r, Hein, Overseer
Round Robin Mentors. :3
Liz is 2cool4skool

How cool is this?!



Another Commission for Hagabao c:

Top  - Cygnus, Hagabao, Phaze, Argo

Bottom - Jump4r, Hein, Overseer

Round Robin Mentors. :3

Liz is 2cool4skool

How cool is this?!

April 16th
1:34 PM BST

And that’s it! We’re all done for Season 7!

There will be a big write up about both the mentoring and the team tournament with links to watch casts and such, but I just wanted to thank everyone involved the admins, the players and the mentors for putting in the hard work needed to make this season of the Round Robin one of the best to date.

Thank you all so much! Both days were a success and it was due to all of your hard work and dedication to the tournament.

As always the time between the seasons is a time for evaluating what we do well, what we do poorly and how to be better. We are a primarily for fun tournament and we try to balance the spirit of competitiveness and creating an environment of fun. 

So if you have any ideas on what we can do to improve the tournament (mentoring and team) please let us know.

You can post in the discussion topic on Steam here (don’t forget to subscribe to the forum, or you won’t be notified about posts), or on Reddit here.

I can confirm that for the team tournament we will be bringing back roster checks as some teams were unhappy about the player balance.

Looking forward to hearing from you, 


1:58 PM BST

tRR7 Team Tournament Schedule!

STV links included!